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Advanced Rider Coaching,

Ivy House, 90 Town Street Lound, Retford, Notts. DN22 8RX      Tel: 01777 818013 Mbl: 07939  041606                                                            Email: info@advancedridercoaching.com

(£80 Local Government subsidies for qualifying riders resident in Notts, Derbys, South & West Yorks, and Lincs. Full price for riders from other areas is £50-£100, dependent on Country Council funding).

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Plus up to 15% off your insurance with your new Official DSA 'Certificate of Riding Competence' 

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Dates for 2015

  •    4th Apr - Carlton Fire Station, Nottingham
  •  25th Apr  - Birstall Fire Station, Leics
  •  26th Apr - Lifewise Centre, Rotherham
  •  23rd May - Birstall Fire Station, Leics
  •  31st May - Dearne Fire Sation, Rotherham
  •  21st Jun - Retford Fire Station, Notts
  •   27th Jun - Birstall Fire Station, Leics
  •    19th Jul - Lifewise Centre, Rotherham
  •    26th Jul - Mansfield Fire Station, Notts
  • 22nd Aug - Birstall Fire Station, Leics
  • 23rd Aug - Dearne Fire Sation, Rotherham
  •  26th Sep - Birstall Fire Station, Leics
  •     TBA       - Beeston Fire Station, Nottingham

Please book early to reserve a subsidised place. Use the booking form at the bottom of the page or send us an email.

Just £20 for a 2-day intensive DSA Enhanced Rider Scheme (ERS) heavily subsidised course. The first full day covers the theory, slow riding, machine checks and maintenance, with road training and riding assement on the second day. The theory part course covers all aspects of riding including:- filtering, overtaking, cornering, safe road positioning, vanishing point, braking, use of gears, junctions, roundabouts, Eco riding and the environment, rider attitude, clothing, journey planning, OSM PSL IPSGA, controls and instruments, separation distance, signals, anticipation, planning and risk awareness, legal responsibilies, incident management, basic first aid, parking, group riding etc etc.

See :- https://www.gov.uk/enhanced-rider-scheme/overview for more details.

Every riders is also issued with an Official DSA 'Certificate of Riding Competence' rated A-D. You must have a full motorcycle licence and not have attended an ERS Course before. Your motorcycle must be taxed, insured and tested if appropriate and properly maintained, and you must attend in suitable motorcycle riding gear.


Coaching by professional RoSPA and DSA Advanced Motorcycle Instructor, experienced club racer and ACU National Road Race Licence Holder. Riding a modern sports bike requires an exceptional level of skill and anticipation to exploit the performance safely. Situations demand fast appropriate reactions. Riding for many is now an extreme sport, and we focus on high performance training as this is where the greatest risks are, but the techniques are equally applicable to any rider whether sportsbike, cruiser, tourer, commuter or adventure bike......

  • SharpRider subsidised DSA Accredited ERS Training Courses
  • High Performance Track Training Courses
  • 'BikePlus' subsidised training days
  • DSA 'Enhanced Rider Scheme' Assessments and Training
  • RoSPA / Advanced Rider Training by hour or day for 1 or 2 riders
  • Residential 2-3 day courses to RoSPA/Roadcraft/DSA standards
  • Tours to Scotland, Western Europe, in New Zealand and the USA.


We are now delivering the BIKEPLUS course  for riders who live in Derbyshire, Nottinghamshire, Lincolnshire or South Yorkshire. Contact us and we will send you an application form by return. BikePlus is subsidised by Derbyshire County Council, and meets the Enhanced Rider Scheme standard set by the Driving Standards Agency.  Cost is reduced from £179 to £59 (£39 each for 2 riders sharing a day) for 6 hrs on-road training, including a full DSA riding assessment (usually £58). Contact us or phone the Derbyshire Road Safety Team on 08456 058 058.


'could help the vast majority of riders to be faster, smoother and more relaxed (aka safer)'.   ' peanuts for what you are getting '. (BIKE Magazine, January 2011, Page 73).  This course is now a track-based course at a local race circuit, as it is better training riders in advanced riding techniques and handling away from road hazards. The Course  includes a track riding safety briefing, five classroom sessions followed by five 20 min on-track sessions with your dedicated coach for the day. You will be with 3 other riders of similar experience/bike, and in groups of 9 riders per session.

This course covers basic cornering techniques, controlled braking, positioning and the effective use of gears. Controlled  braking, cornering lines, use of throttle to turn bike,corrections of speed or line, effective use of gears and use of ‘Limit Point’

Your designated coach will be continually assessing your riding and suggesting corrections for you to try. There is no right line etc., so the objective is to get you riding and cornering consistently at a good pace that you find comfortable with, and also go away with some ideas to further improve. Cost is £289/rider.

Courses are on the 3rd Thursday of the month, April - September


Dates for 2015

30th April

28th May

25th June

23rd July

20th August

24th September

Riders from out of the area are strongly advised to stay locally rather than travel on the day. A list of local accommodation - from inexpensive B&B's to Luxury Hotels is available on request.

By the hour or day, or try one of our residential courses.

  • Individual Rider Coaching from £29/hr (min 2 hrs) or £180/day 
  • £19/hr each for 2 riders (min 2 hrs), or £120 each/day

ARC Advanced Bronze Level One (2:1)

This two day/one night course is aimed at those who want to initially prepare for taking the RoSPA Advanced Riding Test. Two Riders to one Instructor. The course covers up to 350 miles and focuses on the vanishing point, acceleration sense, overtaking, observation, planning and road positioning, through the Lincolnshire Wolds and Yorkshire Moors. Cost is £387 each for 2 riders for 2 days – (includes 4* Country House Hotel accommodation). 

ARC Advanced Silver Level Two (2:1)

This two-day / one-night course is designed to improve the skills of the more experienced rider, or those who ride regularly and want to further develop their skills, with the aim of achieving a Silver level pass on the RoSPA Riding Test. The course focuses on improving machine control, gear changing, accelerating, braking and cornering, helping each rider to safely improve and develop their own style. We will cover up to 350 miles during this course, and will cover advanced riding topics such as throttle control, sequential downward gear shifting, counter-steering, ‘squaring off’, turn–in points, cadence braking, emergency avoidance drills etc. Ride North Yorkshire & The Lakes. Cost is £387 each for 2 riders (incl).

ARC Advanced Gold Level Three (2:1)

This three-day / two-night course is only appropriate for more experienced riders who ride very regularly or have been riding for many years and who wish to adopt the Police Class 1 Roadcraft approach to their riding with the focus, in addition to excellent riding skills, on making ‘good assertive progress’ in any conditions, rural, motorway or urban. It requires a step change in concentration and alertness, a good level of fitness, with good reactions, and a high level of confidence and machine control, with the aim of achieving a Gold level pass on the  RoSPA Riding Test. Distance > 500 miles. Covers the Yorkshire Dales & Moors, The Lakes, & Scottish Borders. Cost is £581 each (incl accommodation).

ARC Advanced Instructor Level Four (1:1)

This one day course is designed to prepare Silver or Gold level riders for the RoSPA BTECH National Diploma Course in Advanced Motorcycle Instruction, as many fail. You need to have read Police Motorcycle Roadcraft, and have a very good knowledge of the Highway Code Cost is £199.


There is a new scheme where the Police refer 'BikeSafe' attendees to qualified training organisations, following their assessment. Each rider is now given a URN (Unique Reference Number) to track how many riders do take up advanced training (which 'BikeSafe' is intended to encourage) to provide the statistics. 'BikeSafe' is only a riding assessment, usually by an experienced Police rider. We are on the scheme, but as there are no 'BikeSafe' Courses in Notts, we run the 'RideSafe' Courses below, which as we are qualified trainers, we also include basic advanced training.

There is nothing else quite like the experience of riding a motorcycle expertly. Our aim is to make you safer, and make sure that you get the most out of every ride, improve your riding skills and technique, control and confidence. It depends on what you want out of your riding, your confidence, experience and level of skill. Some riders just want to feel and be safer, some want to be  as good as they can be and get the most out of their riding

Well Being WebSiteMany take up riding for the first time later in life, or after taking a break, often to bring up a family. They are the most 'at risk' group after new teenage riders.

All our coaches are professional Driving Standards Agency (DSA) Accredited Post-Test Trainers and/or RoSPA Qualified Advanced Motorcycle Instructors, who are all re-assessed or checked every 3 years to ensure the highest standards. Instructor training is delivered by police officers and is based on Police Roadcraft.

The DSA have recently launched the Enhanced Rider Scheme (ERS), which provides insurance discounts with most major insurers once riders reach a basic safe standard of riding.  A 2 hr formal riding assessment costs £58, which many experienced riders should pass first time. A DSA Certificate is then issued by us as proof of riding ability.

£29/hr for 1 rider for intensive 1:1 tuition (Min 2 hrs).

Riders can work towards passing the RoSPA Advanced Riding Test, from Bronze up to Gold standard, which can significantly reduce insurance premiums. We also specialise in preparing riders for the RoSPA Advanced Instructor’s Course, which requires a minimum Silver level riding to qualify for entry, although Gold standard riding is required to pass the course.

The RoSPA Advanced Rider Test is available separately at a cost of £54.

The Driving Standards Agency  runs  a  Register of Post-test Motorcycle Trainers, who are the only Instructors officially qualified to charge a fee for on-road training. The DSA's Enhanced Rider Scheme is the official riding qualification, and  qualifies the rider for 15% insurance discount. An Enhanced Rider Test is £58 and takes 2 hrs.

We also run 7-day rider coaching trips to Scotland and Western Europe, including France, Alsace, Belgium and the Nurburgring/Spa, and 2-week trips to Spain and France, taking in the Pyrenees and the Alps. We can often fit in with your desired dates  if there is a group of you who want a particular destination tour or route. We also run long weekends to Britany, as an introduction to continental riding.

For 2012 we are also re-running the 20-day trip to New Zealand, on a fleet of BMW GS's. Places are available, for riders with or without pillions. This really is an unforgettable riding experience. If you go nowhere else you must go here, empty winding roads, stunning scenery which constantly changes. It really is like travelling back in time by 3 years or more,      < Click on picture to see videos